More Guns Than People

In 1998, I lived in Brisbane, Australia for 7 months while studying abroad. So many Australians I met were so curious to hear about what America was like. The number one question that I was asked was, “Does everyone in America have a gun?” I was confused by this question because I grew up very…

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Never Too Late To Fight For What’s Right

It’s never too late to fight for what’s right. If you haven’t yet watched Ava Duvernay’s 4 part series “When They See Us” on Netflix, it is a must see. It’s truly brutal to watch this story told through the lens of the 5 young boys that were framed by New York prosecutors Elizabeth Lederer…

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Intention and Impact

Impact and Intention, Shaun King, The Breakdown Podcast, The North Star

Shaun King talks about how his wife, Rai King, taught him the difference between impact and intention.  He says, “You might not have intended your words to be harmful, but we aren’t just responsible for our intentions, we are also responsible for the impact of our words and actions. And sometimes the impact of our…

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Police brutality

Police Brutality, Shaun King, The Breakdown Podcast, The North Star

“Police brutality is as deadly as it has ever been in the entire history of our country. Do you know why? For all intents and purposes, police brutality is legal in America. Police policy manuals may discourage it and communities across the country may absolutely despise it, but the bottom line is that our courts…

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White Privilege

Shaun King offers a helpful explanation of white privilege on his new podcast, The Breakdown, which is now the #1 news & politics podcast in the world and the #4 podcast overall across all categories. I’m proud to be supporting The North Star as a founding member. “Privilege is complicated to explain in part because it often functions…

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Mya Hall

#sayhername #MyaHall Mya Hall died on March 30, 2015 after an incident involving her crashing an SUV into a police cruiser near the gates of the Baltimore NSA. She was a 27 year old black, trans woman. Simply living life as a black, trans woman puts her in an incredibly vulnerable state considering the cards…

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