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I’m thinking about my friend and client, Rivka Wendy Faith. She’s gone. Ending her life was her final decision. I honor her and I will miss her. She was always so warm and kind to me when I saw her. She’d come over to my house to work on her website and bring me tea,…

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I didn’t expect be 41 and have been single for over a decade, but that’s what is happening. I’ve decided that I’m done writing and re-writing dating profiles and going on endless dates to prove that I’m taking action and putting myself out there. All the stories and anecdotal evidence of what “worked” for some…

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I’ve been in a struggle with my thoughts, my mind, and my heart. I sometimes feel that I have to fight so hard to find the right thoughts, the good way, or the truth of myself. I know that so many times in the past I’ve found an easier way of being happier, more loving…

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I’ve always loved stars. I love how we call them ’the stars.’ I like most the feeling I get when I am outside at night and I look up and remember that they are there. For me, the stars are proof of something, but I can’t say what. It’s beyond the periphery of my awareness,…

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