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During this time of year, I’ve come to understand that there will likely be an emotional release at some (or several) point(s.) I over planned and under-felt my way though the last week, maybe even the last few weeks or more. Now that it’s over, a bubble I’d been living in burst and I realize…

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Tuesday Thoughts

I saw pumpkins on a porch in Berkeley. I noticed that the leaves are starting to change color. Summer is waning, but it’s still warm enough to eat outside in the shade and sleep with the windows open. I smelled a hint of fall in the air last night. I felt both relieved and anxious.…

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I’ve been in a struggle with my thoughts, my mind, and my heart. I sometimes feel that I have to fight so hard to find the right thoughts, the good way, or the truth of myself. I know that so many times in the past I’ve found an easier way of being happier, more loving…

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The ocean is part of my heart, my healing, my being, always. I walked towards the ocean today. The closer I got the bigger my feelings came rushing through me, out my eyes, down my face. I filled my lungs with misty air and kept going. I saw an old friend and she offered to…

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