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Sometimes I get far away from my prayer, which means that I am not considering, or treating sacredly, my heart or my truth. When I’m able to to re-ground myself and re-center my life around what my business is and what work is uniquely mine to do, I’m able to find clarity, relief and peace.…

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I pray to be a safe person for myself, for ALL my fellow human beings, and a safe person for our environment. I pray to not only refrain from harming myself, others and nature, but to participate in allowing others to experience safety in my presence at all times. I welcome understanding of all minutia…

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Today I’m happy about being a single woman! I’m grateful to be of a mind to celebrate my independence. I spend plenty of time wishing I had a really great partner, but the reality is that I don’t at this time. The most true thing I can say is that I don’t know if I’ll…

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I have so much gratitude and love for each person that ever made a prayer for equality, attended a protest or marched in support of LGBT rights, stood up for themselves or someone they love against hateful speech, action and ignorance, asked a question about something from a humble place of wanting to understand, kept…

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