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Hugo Kojola

My paternal grandpa, Hugo “Joe” Kojola was born on this day in 1908 and died in 1994. As a kid I thought that he was Santa Claus because of his white beard, jolly laugh and round belly. He was always giving me cool, shiny rocks that he polished in his rock polishing machine. I still…

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I usually love costumes, dressing up, carving pumpkins and trick ‘r treating…but I just wasn’t feeling any of it this year. I found a way to celebrate Halloween at Medicine Theater improv class tonight where we invited ancestor spirits into our intuitive, spontaneous play. I connected with my maternal Grandma, Helen Berger, who died in…

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I’m SO blessed because my entire life has felt like one long empowering women’s circle. Every woman in my family is a strong, powerful, can do, make it work, pushing the envelope, outspoken about women being kind, fair, intelligent leaders kind of woman. Every Kojola, Berger, Ahrens, Martin, Murray and Meek woman I know is…

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