Custard Tarts

Custard Tart from Golden Gate Bakery in San Francisco

Today I’m happy about my outing in San Francisco. My mission, which I accomplished, was to find pretty, good quality mahjong tiles in Chinatown. I expected the city to be crazy on a beautiful Saturday. I expected traffic and challenging parking in Chinatown. I expected the unexpected and a possible adventure. The 40-minute drive flew…

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Sunset to Moonrise

Sunset to moonrise hike last night. Listening to a book written 20 years ago about a dystopian future that sounds a lot like today. The imagined suffering that is now real made me cry. It’s so chronically exhausting to see all that is failing, depleting, exploitative, and toxic, and to know that people in power…

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I came to Berkeley to hear Cathy Park Hong interview Ocean Vuong. It’s a free event, first come, first serve, and I thought that getting here 2 hours early would be okay. 2 hours early had a line all the way around the block of the BAMPFA Center. I almost decided to just keep driving…

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