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Expectations on Gratitude

I am sometimes aware of deep, spontaneous pockets of gratitude for my life. Possibly because I have lived extended periods of time not feeling grateful to be alive, I am so overcome when the gratitude rises up and takes over from the inside. It always feels like a miracle. I don’t ever expect it, but…

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Best Person Ever

These are some things that George Gray Eagle Bertelstein has said to me over the years that are in my head and heart always to combat the other kinds of thoughts and feelings that aren’t aligned with who I actually am or who I pray to be. On the first day we met he said,…

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I’m proud of the *Brawny Explorers! We were brave, kind and compassionate as we gave out the care packages they put together for folks living on the streets of San Francisco. In 1 hour, we walked around 1 city block and met more than 16 homeless men and women. Witnessing true gratitude (and some relief)…

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I’m SO blessed because my entire life has felt like one long empowering women’s circle. Every woman in my family is a strong, powerful, can do, make it work, pushing the envelope, outspoken about women being kind, fair, intelligent leaders kind of woman. Every Kojola, Berger, Ahrens, Martin, Murray and Meek woman I know is…

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In my yoga class last night, I noticed a familiar inner dialogue that was in opposition to the teacher; her voice, her tone, her instruction, and her adjustments…just not exactly the way I like it. I kept thinking I would kindly ask her not to touch me, that I would tell her that I know…

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The ocean is part of my heart, my healing, my being, always. I walked towards the ocean today. The closer I got the bigger my feelings came rushing through me, out my eyes, down my face. I filled my lungs with misty air and kept going. I saw an old friend and she offered to…

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