Veronica’s Secret #NovelPossible2023

Veronica awoke early before anyone else in the house. She braced herself as her bare feet touched the cold floor beneath her bed. She slowly, methodically placed one foot in front of the other evenly transferring her weight from heal to toe in an effort to avoid loud creaks in the wooden floor boards. She held her breath as she pulled open the dresser drawer with excruciating patience. Her whole plan depended upon her exiting the house without being heard or seen.

She dressed herself silently making hasty decisions based on the contents of only 1 drawer. Outside her window she could see fog in the dim light of dawn arising. She could already feel the misty air against her cheek and wet earth smell in her nostrils. She pictured herself deep in the creek-bed where she would dig for bones.

There was a small creak from the hinge as she opened her bedroom door. She froze for what felt like an eternity, but was probably one minute, before proceeding. She was a ninja moving silently, hugging the shadows and crouching in corners. As she accomplished her mission of sneaking undetected out of the house, Veronica broke into a run crossing the driveway past windows that someone might be looking out of.

As she reached the trees, she exhaled with relief knowing that she was free. She enjoyed every soft footstep along the trail down to the creek. The sound of the water grew louder as she approached. Her favorite spot welcomed her and she felt embraced by the crisp morning air, soft rays of light streaming through the trees, and the glitter that danced on the flowing water.

She took off her shoes and socks and dug her toes into the muddy soil.

*This is my response to today’s writing mission at, the amazing creation of my friend Caroline Donahue. Daily writing missions you can choose to accept, or not, that self-destruct at midnight.

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