George Grey Eagle Bertelstein

Today my friend George left his body.

With all of the people he loved so deeply, I can only imagine how hard it must have been for him to let go and cross to the other side. He did it. His death has already been a deeply meaningful teaching. It has only just begun to unfold.

I spent today with his body. Loved ones cared for his body in the most beautiful way making everything just as he would have liked it. I witnessed how honoring a loved one’s body after death is a sacred, vulnerable act of deep respect and love.

The space is steeped in his spirit, yet he is most definitely gone from his body. The special George-ness of him will now live in my heart and in the hearts of so many. The love for his physical form remains strong. Being with his body helped me ride the waves of grief that flowed through me and will continue to flow. The small gestures I offered to make something a little more beautiful helped me relax into the warmth of the love I feel in the wake of his passing.

I learned so much about how to honor his passing today. I am grateful to Georgia, his beloved wife, and Josie, his daughter, for being willing to share this time in their lives and allow me to witness and hold a small piece of their grief.

Holding people I love in their grief, crying together, and just being among others in the awkward space of not knowing what to do or say in some moments is so helpful. Knowing that we are not alone in our loss and sharing the warmth and grace of the hard, letting go moments that begin a season of healing, remembrance, and mourning. I feel blessed to be able to mourn with a full heart.

It is a sacred gift to get to be with our dead in the moments after they pass. I felt the energy of George in all the hugs I received today. In each hug, I offered all that I could and received all that I could. This is what there is to do. Give and receive the love.

Recently I tried to write out all the ways that George touched my life and all that I learned from him. I realized that I don’t need to spell it out. It’s a feeling, a vibration of unconditional positive regard and love that will continue to warm my soul. Thank you for all the teachings, Uncle.

george bertelstein

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