Veronica’s Ghost #NovelPossible2023

Veronica first understood what the presence of a ghost felt like on November 1st, 1985. That was exactly 3 days after she learned that her grandfather had died in his sleep. She was 8 years and 7 months old when she felt the chill in the air that moved slowly through the room at the pace of a lazy river with nowhere in particular to go.

She had just been wondering where people go when they die. In the next moment, she understood that her grandpa was there in the room. Even though she couldn’t see him, she sensed his presence. He had died so quickly without perceptible warning, and she imagined that he was there to say a proper goodbye.

Or maybe he didn’t know where to go? Was he even in control of his body anymore? What body? How does one communicate without a voice or a body? Veronica had so many practical questions. She looked around the room at her parents and a neighbor. She understood enough to know that this was not the right time to ask her questions. The adults seemed busy with the details and their sadness.

As she sat quietly feeling into the ghostly presence in the room. She strained to perceive more shifts in the temperature and air quality as the presence migrated from one place to another. Then she felt a warm glowing feeling of love spread throughout her body. She was surprised and then deeply comforted. With relief, she now understood how the ghost of her grandpa could communicate. She saw that there was deep peace available in death and that it was beautiful. A few tears came to her eyes and a lump rose to her throat because she realized that this was the best connection she had ever had with her grandfather.

Veronica carried the warmth and the glow with her for a long time. Years later she can still feel it.

*This is my response to today’s writing mission provided by Novel Possible, the amazing creation of my friend @carodonahue . Daily writing missions you can choose to accept, or not, that self-destruct at midnight. How cool!

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