Spring Equinox

A simple, sincere celebration. Today I only had a moment to honor the Spring Equinox.

I spotted the first purple hyacinth I’ve seen this year blooming wild in the grass. I felt humbled by her beauty and freshness. I couldn’t look away for the longest time because of how fleeting Spring wild flowers can be. Even on the first day of the season, even as the rains continue, I sense how quickly it will pass. I feel full with joy and longing at the same time.

Spring holds such a high bar on new life energy and timely right action. I’m both inspired and overwhelmed. There’s no better time to move forward, yet I know I can’t push myself past where I authentically am.

Each new season has its own intricate tight rope to walk. It’s a balancing act and my work is in staying in sincerity and trusting that the exact amount I can offer is exactly enough.

Who I am in nature is at peace with myself. Nature never pulls me to betray myself or negotiate with my integrity. When I’m not at peace, I go to nature. I pray to bring that peaceful nature back with me always and return to it over & over relentlessly no matter what my mind may conjure.

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