My dad took this photo of my mom and me about 42 years ago. Today my mom turns 83 and soon I turn 46.

What a blessing it is to have been given all these moments to become who we are today and experience all the human things that life offers.

Nothing is promised and life is not fair, but there is beauty and wisdom in every chapter and so much goodness in the unfolding over the arc of time.

I can never fully convey my overwhelming gratitude for all the love, care, concern, creativity, nourishment, coordination, transportation, education, support, inspiration and more that was poured into my life by my mom.

And then there is the deep wisdom and kindness in allowing me to become my own person, find my own way, make my own mistakes, and find the right healing path for myself.

My mom wrote me a card once that said, “You are the flower of our lives.” It meant so much to me to be seen that way. With all the growing pains and struggles of my life, I’m able to see the beauty in every moment, feel the privilege and gift of such loving, stable, and fair parents, and feel beyond thankful for everything.

Thank you, Mom! Happy, Happy Birthday and many more to you.

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