Listening to Water

Listening to water calms me. I often try to hear words in her sounds and find messages in my experience of her. My desire to make meaning is a front for my longing to experience the unearned love of the divine.

The ways water shines her love on me fill up the spaces between words and flows over the top of my attempts to explain. She shows me her heart and transmits wisdom beyond words.

Quiet, subtle sounds that only my cells and strands of my soul can absorb. Deep, full, rushing sounds enter and rearrange me from the inside out before I can interpret what happened. The smooth, calm of her movements and vibrations relaxes parts of me I don’t even hold in my awareness.

It’s too much to make sense of but I still try. I don’t need more reasons to know why I’m drawn to water, why I seek out shorelines, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, springs, and the feeling of raindrops on my skin. As much as the land holds me, water soothes me and mirrors the extremes of my emotional world in a way that allows me to see the beauty and necessity of it all without ever having to explain anything.

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