Best Person Ever

These are some things that George Gray Eagle Bertelstein has said to me over the years that are in my head and heart always to combat the other kinds of thoughts and feelings that aren’t aligned with who I actually am or who I pray to be.

On the first day we met he said, “You’re the greatest person ever.” He didn’t know what I did for a living, where I came from, what my education was, or anything about what I had done in my life, but he heard my prayer for my life, sat with me in a ceremony for about 12 hours and noticed that I showed up in a good way.

An endless number of people can be “the greatest person ever” and it doesn’t diminish the power of being told that by someone you respect and admire.

A few years later, despite my tears, struggles and hard feelings about myself, George said to me, “There isn’t a single thing that is wrong with you.” It’s sometimes hard to accept this. I could create a long list of things that I see as “wrong” with myself OR I could just get on board with everything that is right with myself and keeping living my great life.

He also told me that I can “remove the boot from my own neck.” This is very helpful to remember when I realize that I am making things harder and more complicated than they need to be.

Happy Birthday Uncle George! I don’t get to see you as often as I’d like to, but I’m eternally grateful for you, your prayers, your life and the ocean of understanding, acceptance and love you communicate through your presence, words and actions.

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