Tiny Moments

I’ve been wanting to say something for days, but I can’t quite get it out.
It’s a quiet truth, one that’s easy to ignore and override.
It’s that vulnerable risk that’s a little too scary to fully embrace.
It’s the part of you that longs to be seen but is mostly shy.
It’s noticing that you just missed an opportunity to stand up for yourself or uphold an important boundary.
It’s knowing that you can and will do better next time.
It’s going easy on yourself and offering forgiveness to the parts of you that push a little too hard and judge your pace.
It’s a million tiny moments when you could really use a hug, but you take a deep breath and carry on alone.
It’s learning from missed opportunities to understand what you need and how to reach out for support.
It’s reaching out again and again, even when you don’t quite get what you really need.
It’s being honest to say how you really feel when it would be much easier to lie.
What I wanted to say is that I see you.
Even when you feel invisible sometimes, I see you making the choice to be kind, loving, and gentle with yourself when you could easily be harsh and cold.
I see the grace and mercy you offer others when you feel they can really use it.
I see the beauty and the good in humanity even when the news reports are terrible and tragic.
So many of us take the time to come back over and over like hummingbirds to the nectar of our own hearts to refuel and revive and keep our inner beauty alive.
I see you doing all this and it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for this kindness. It makes all the difference to me.

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