I’ve always loved stars. I love how we call them ’the stars.’ I like most the feeling I get when I am outside at night and I look up and remember that they are there. For me, the stars are proof of something, but I can’t say what. It’s beyond the periphery of my awareness, so I only feel an instinct about the spectrum of life that exists beyond all currently known realms.

I sometimes celebrate occasions like a full moon, a new moon or a certain planetary alignment, but the fact is that on any given night all the stars that I can see from my earthly view are there shining, twinkling, shooting across the universe and burning out in front of my eyes if I remember to look up.

I used to want to be an astronaut so that I could go into space and be closer to their beauty, but as I learned more about the reality of becoming an astronaut, it lacked all the magic and beauty of the stars that move me so much. It turns out that I don’t need to be closer to the stars. I am the perfect distance away to receive all their blessings.

I know very little about astronomy and what I read about astrology doesn’t ever seem to stick in my head. I don’t need that information to have my love for the stars and to experience the expansiveness of the universe or to wonder at the mysteries that must exist out there. I like feeling small and humbled underneath the night sky. I love their infiniteness and the vast unknown. It feels good to be in reverence and simply soak in their presence.

I feel hopeful looking at the stars. If I can see the light of something so far away, then surely something out there can see the light that I am part of. I like being part of the light that something else in the universe could see and wonder at and feel humbled by.

I feel that everything is out there with the stars in the great mystery; all my ancestors, the answers to all my prayers, everything that has been and might ever be is already done from their perspective.

Ryan Hutton

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