sacred paradoxical vessel

One of the fascinating opportunities available when blessed with a human life is becoming a sacred paradoxical vessel.

That could look like finding peace within wildly opposing truths, holding space and reverence for the full spectrum of humanity, and honoring the sacred center within.

I love what we are capable of and I can feel horrified by the ways our capability can manifest.

It’s all true and all false.
I find what I seek and push away what seeks me.
Everything is okay and nothing is alright.
I’m as blessed as I am fucked.
I can do hard things and I can hardly do things.
It’s the last straw and I’ll never give up.
I’m jaded and buoyed by hope.
I’m pushed down and stymied by systems and I ignore the lifelines available to me.
I’m happy and I don’t understand what happiness is.
I love without grasping and I smother.
It all makes perfect sense and I’m profoundly confused.
I need precise instructions but don’t tell me what to do.
I’m lost and I know exactly who I am.
It’s impossible and exceedingly figure-out-able.
I blew them away and I let them down.
My best wasn’t good enough and I excelled beyond expectations.
I’m beautiful and invisible.
Some hear my laugh across a room and know me, others see me often and have no idea who I am.
I want to explain every little detail and it’s none of your business.
It’s perfection and a disaster.
Nothing will ever stay the same and nothing ever changes.
I only want truth and I can’t accept or wrap my mind or heart around it.
I don’t like tension and I embody tension.
I could do this all day and I’m deeply tired.
Please love me and also don’t look at me.

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