San Quentin

Sunset at San Quentin.

Tonight I helped 2 incarcerated men create resumes as part of the Prison to Employment Connection. They were both extraordinary and beautiful humans.

One is dedicated to working as a therapeutic group facilitator for men. He’s inspired to help other men heal the way he was able to heal with the right supportive environment.

One calls himself a tree whisperer. He loves working with plants, gardening, and landscape design. His dream job would be to plant trees in the forest. He hand wrote a 5-page story about how he landscaped a prison yard during Covid, transplanting small patches of grass and helping them grow into lush stretches of lawn. He had meticulously drawn a map of his creation and detailed how it helped him heal and maintain a calm state of mind.

I was instructed to focus on getting their actual job experience down on the resume and shoot for attainable starter jobs that will hopefully pay the bills. I did my best to follow that guidance. I mostly wanted to listen to them speak about their passions and dreams.

Both these men had good hearts and bright minds. They knew their worth and believed in their abilities as healers of their own lives and of others.

It was such a small glimpse into a world I know very little about. I can’t truly capture the essence of these men in a resume format, but I will do my best. This experience made me feel so much more hopeful than I expected.

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