medicine moment

I feel joy in the practice of recognizing sacred healing medicines of the earth.

The sacredness is a subtle energy that gives me pause, inspiring me to wonder, look closer, listen, learn and consider.

The healing is in the moments I allow myself to remember all that is beyond me and the exquisite design of existence that I am an intricate and valuable part of.

The medicine is the expansion of my awareness and sensitivity that I am often able to embody, carry with me and feel moved to share.

There are endless points of distraction to become obsessed with, enraged by, wounded about, and stuck on. My descent into distractions can sometimes bottom out with me feeling as if I exist alone at the bottom of a well under a pile of bricks. The world has collapsed on top of me and I appear to be stuck and immobilized. How am I meant to live like this?

Luckily, for me, that is a metaphor, not a fact. I am blessed that my spirals, no matter how real and serious they feel, are almost always a version of my own boot on my neck.

I truly do not know what to do about the deeply fucked up things that have happened over the arc of time and continue to occur every day. I listen and witness like it’s my sacred job. I ride endless waves of devastation, hope and heartbreak. I remember not to free-fall in fragility.

I wonder how to continue coping with my eyes and heart open without leaning too heavily on coping mechanisms that make me numb and void. It’s part of the ongoing challenge of being a human person at this time.

I come back to the existence of sacred healing medicine and what it means to me.

I have a desire to find the medicine in everything, everyone, in myself, and in every situation. It feels like something that’s possible and a challenge I like for myself.

Sometimes the medicine is allowing the journey from misunderstanding to understanding to occur without judgement or making it wrong.

Sometimes the medicine is finding a way to love that you didn’t know was possible.

Sometimes the medicine is asking for help.

Sometimes the medicine is accepting help.

Sometimes the medicine is being the help.

And sometimes the medicine is being help-able.

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