Wisdom of just barely 47.

Sitting and breathing fully is the most healing choice and a gateway to my own wisdom.

A birthday can be quietly nurturing and soulful. My own secret adventures make me happy. Magic happens alone in the redwoods under a waterfall.

Fully receiving all the birthday love from those available to offer it is the most beautiful, sustainable, and heart-warming gift.

Not remembering or reaching out on a birthday doesn’t mean a lack of love. Birthdays can be celebrated at any time during the year.

I enjoy the way life reveals itself to me in each moment.

I had no idea that my peace would require so much solitude.

My beauty way includes loving and cherishing my evolving body and moving at a pace where I can breathe fully and feel the joy and love in my steps.

I embrace and honor how my body is aging. I always want to look like myself.

I love and celebrate all that I have experienced, healed, and created from the inside out to become the exact person I am right now.

I am grateful for my life, for laughing and hugs, and for all the love, help, and support.

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