These tomatoes were worth waiting in a long line for at the Farmers Market. The man who grew them clearly loved all his tomatoes deeply. The way he talked about them, handled them, and infused love and joy into each purchase was beautiful. The long line for his tomatoes didn’t cause him to rush. He wasn’t stressed. He just loved finding good homes for his tomatoes.

I enjoyed every moment of my lunch. A sun warmed heirloom tomato grown with love, rosemary garlic focaccia made with love, velvety goat cheese spread from some local goats, and some fancy, flaky sea salt. I took the time to savor every bite.

The tulips I bought for myself today came with the bulbs attached. They are so fresh, vibrant and alive. Outside my back yard I saw the first poppy of the season and some daffodils about to bloom.

Life today is full of color, new growth, and succulence. I’m letting all that richness impress itself upon me and letting the moments linger in the spaciousness of Sunday.

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