The Deepness | Into The Fire

My friend Paige (The Deepness) just released her second single, “Into the Fire”, off of her debut, self-titled album.

I’ve been listening and wanted to share it with you.

It’s a beautiful, soulful expression and prayer that speaks to me of deep transformation, healing, and longing for the kind of authentic expression that reaches out on faith from the most vulnerable of places.

It’s such a gift when artists have a passion that burns so strongly that they are compelled to put it all on the line to release their heart & soul into the world for all to listen and experience with no promise of compensation or even being heard or seen properly in their deep reveal.

Many like me are paying attention. Many lives are touched. Many are quietly listening and feeling the stirring of heartstrings that music like this pulls at deep down.

I can’t imagine our world without the bravery of souls like this to sing, write, and make music & art… It’s one of the things I truly love most about humans.
Please never stop expressing yourself, creating, and allowing your authenticity to shine.

Listen here:
And here:

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