During this time of year, I’ve come to understand that there will likely be an emotional release at some (or several) point(s.) I over planned and under-felt my way though the last week, maybe even the last few weeks or more.

Now that it’s over, a bubble I’d been living in burst and I realize how far away I was from myself and reality for awhile. I don’t think it’s possible to always stay grounded and present, but I do think I can do a better job of taking time to honor myself more in the ways I say “Yes.” or “No.” to life, space, love, community…everyone and everything.

When my heart hurts, it’s harder to have self-compassion and easier to beat myself up about my failure to protect myself from pain. Recently I’ve been taking a weekly self-compassion class. One exercise that we’ve done over and over is compare how we react to or treat a friend who is sad or struggling with how we treat ourselves under the same circumstances. It helps to treat myself like I would a dear friend, and it’s also challenging to let go of the critical voices & harsh thoughts.

The feelings will subside & come back again with varying intensity like waves. I remember now that I was built to feel, be with, observe, interpret and let go of feelings. It’s one of my special gifts. Deep emotional release is absolutely necessary for me from time to time. I can always find ways to experience it more gently and mercifully.

Hug your people, your pets and yourself. There can never be too many hugs.

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