I’ve been a Minister with the Universal Life Church since August 2000, when my dear friend, mentor and Goddess Mother,¬†Evelyn Hall, gave me a blessing and invitation to perform my own ceremonies after completing a 3 day Vision Quest ceremony with her, as well as several years of guided inquiry into my relationship with my spirit and most authentic self. While that Vision Quest ceremony was filled with many beautiful insights and a few vivid dreams, the gist of the message that I was able to receive from my time by myself in the Santa Cruz mountains was that I was on the right path. The message was exactly this, “Keep going. You’re on the right path.” And I was like, “Ok.”

I wish that I was someone that had cool, wild, technicolor visions, but it’s never been the case. It’s always just very simple, low key direction…”Do this thing, don’t do that. It’s like this, not like that.” And I’m so grateful for the simplicity actually. It’s not confusing. I can’t say or explain where the knowledge comes from, but if I allow myself to get quiet enough to hear it, it’s always there. Sometimes it becomes clear that I need to make major, sometimes controversial, changes in my life, like drop out of school or leave behind a whole community of friends or just not go back to a job ever (even if I don’t have another job lined up) or leave a relationship without a word and move across the country. I’ve done all those things because I trusted myself to listen and to know my right timing for making moves and shifts in my life.

What’s different for me 15 years later is that I get in fewer situations where I must dramatically walk away because I am done doing anything that I don’t really want to do, and I am much better at taking care of myself and putting my own needs first. I have a bit more wisdom to avoid ever arriving at a place where I just can’t take it anymore. I am incredibly thankful for that wisdom.

I LOVE helping people. It’s such a pleasure to do so and when I know that I have the heart, the skills and the ability to dramatically improve a situation or other persons experience of something, it makes me so happy to offer that. As long as I am in alignment with the offerings I make, my life is good and happy. “Helping” just feels like living my life in a good, happy way when I do it in a way that works for me. The key I have found is that I usually wait until I am asked to help. Assuming someone needs help and making it my mission to provide that help above and beyond my own needs or capacity has never resulted in a good way for me.

I don’t take it lightly when someone asks me for help in an authentic way. I’m completely honored to be a person that people ask for help from. It often moves me to tears when I’m asked to help in a good way. It is an honor to help someone in a way that is helpful to them. I also do not always say yes, and it is a huge relief, because in order to be a happy person, I must say no often and unequivocally.

At 23, when I was offered this certificate that said I was a Minister, I wondered to myself why I would ever want to perform ceremonies…not in a negative way, just an honest inquiry. As far as I know, a minister is someone who may be available to help a person or group or community with anything that they ask for help with or seek guidance about.

It’s a beautiful thing that anyone can become a Minister with the Universal Life Church. The only requirement is that you want to and you fill out their online form. It takes 25 seconds.

I decided to renew my Ministry credentials today. I am honored, inspired and extraordinarily moved to perform ceremonies that I’m in alignment with when I’m asked to do so in a way that feels good. It’s clicking a button on a website and a piece of paper, but it also represents years of soul searching, healing, determination, hard work and living my life the best way I know how.

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