Wisdom from My Dying Self

A reflection through the eyes of my heart from wisdom gained over a lifetime. What my dying self would say to me about my life in this moment…

✨ Your life is a beautiful expression of healing, curiosity, love, compassion, peace, and stillness.

The waves of love and generosity still in motion from the vibrations of your life expand exponentially.

Please, please, please spend more time loving yourself deeply every day. Take it easier on yourself. Take more time to move slowly and create everything in your beauty way.

Forgive yourself fully. Allow more love in your life. Be more yourself whenever you can.

Your life is perfectly poised for you to do what brings you joy and lights you up.
I am your dying self and I say that you have already done enough. You have earned the kind words and the soft tears and the aching hearts that will pour their love into words at your passing.

Create from your heart. Write and share your words. Allow people to see through your eyes. Gracefully wrap people in your love and let them relax into you if it feels good.

Listen to the call of your spirit and allow your authentic self to emerge fully and be received and seen. The world is calling to you. Please listen closely and do not be afraid to be seen and heard.

Feel all the love you have in your heart for the people you are connected to. Express without fear. It is safe for you to love and to be loved. You cannot go wrong. Do not be afraid to be yourself. You are doing it exactly the right way. ✨

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