From Humble Beginnings – this postcard is from early 2010…yikes.
Many people probably don’t know that my web design business, KojolaPower, actually started as a yoga class.

I was cleaning out my computer files today and found this postcard design that I made in 2010. I am totally embarrassed by everything about this design (the weird VistaPrint graphic, my terrible color choices, the spacing, fonts..everything is legitimately and comically terrible.)

The only cool thing about this postcard (besides the Pattabhi Jois quote) is that I had the strength to put myself out there and offer something. I spent money upfront to rent a space, took a risk to offer something that a lot of other people were offering with more experience than I, in more appropriate locations, etc. I was scared, nervous, broke and I did it anyway.

This yoga class totally bombed. I had maybe 6 people max in a class and more often than not, no one showed up. A yoga studio owner with a business across the street even came into a class (where I actually had 5 students) and yelled at me for advertising my class across the street from her studio. All in all it was an expensive lesson and an opportunity that didn’t pan out. But I did it!

Failures are an important part of success, and the most important part of success is just not giving up. I haven’t reached a level of success that I feel really proud of for myself yet, but there is time and I’m still really enjoying the process.

It feels good to look back and see how far I’ve come over the last 7 years. I have so much more confidence in both my web and graphic design abilities, creating and sustaining good client relationships, and my capacity to learn and grow constantly is high.

I can’t wait to see what I do next…I’m redesigning my business in early 2017. New logo, new name, new website. The next level is underway and fueled by love and creativity.

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