Today I’m happy about being invited to sit down and make a collage by Oakland artist Jan Stamos in her studio. I’m happy about art, artists and people that feel a burning desire to create and share their creations.

I’m happy about the art in my life, all the creative education I’ve been blessed with and all the times I’ve created art for the experience of crafting an expression of myself or sharing through the lens of the eye of my heart.

Today I’m reminded why I *need* to create. I am happy about the healing power of the act of creation – how making something as simple as a collage heals my brain and my heart of their hurts bringing them together in a prayerful task of a totally unique expression of Abby-ness.

I’m also happy about my 16 year friendship with lifelong artist, Susan Tuttle. Susan always inspires me, makes me laugh and gets me out to see her amazing art.

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