I pray to be a safe person for myself, for ALL my fellow human beings, and a safe person for our environment.

I pray to not only refrain from harming myself, others and nature, but to participate in allowing others to experience safety in my presence at all times. I welcome understanding of all minutia and nuance of this prayer.

I see infinite levels of physical, emotional, spiritual safety existing. I am blessed to know many very safe people and have learned so much from them about being safe for myself and others.

The experience of safety is often a privilege available to far too few of us. The more safety we can offer ourselves and others, so many possibilities for connection, understanding and love can open before us.

It’s no small task in my experience and I often feel I’ve only scratched the surface despite years of sincere effort. The healing required for us to become truly safe for ourselves and others can be vast.

It’s a prayer that I make as often as I can remember…help me become exponentially safer for myself and others all the time.

Anneliese Phillips

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