It’s my sister¬†Amanda’s birthday today!

She’ll always be 5 years older than me, taller than me, thinner than me, more handy at fixing things, more mechanical, a better driver, a better cowgirl, a little more rowdy and a lot more calm and helpful in a crisis. She’ll most likely always have more amazing boots and belt buckles that I do and look way better in wrangler jeans. She’s an amazing mom, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, niece and granddaughter. My whole life she’s inspired me to be braver, more confident, louder, more outgoing and more comfortable in my own skin.

When we were kids I wanted to hang out in her room all the time and touch all her stuff and listen to all her music and do whatever she was doing all the time. She was pretty dang patient with me and made up some really creative games that got me to go away to create things and then bring them back to her.

She’s always been the kind of person that you notice when she comes in the room. She’s always 100% into doing whatever she’s doing, and she’s smart, driven and determined about it. She loves adventure, challenges, animals, kids, trucks, her family and her home with a passion.

The most amazing thing about my sister is that when she chooses to put her attention in your direction it’s like the sun is shining just for you and the warmth of her heart lights up your life. There’s not a fake or false bone in her body.

Thank you for being so you all the time, sister! It’s a beautiful thing to behold. I love you!

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