I’ve been in a struggle with my thoughts, my mind, and my heart. I sometimes feel that I have to fight so hard to find the right thoughts, the good way, or the truth of myself. I know that so many times in the past I’ve found an easier way of being happier, more loving and peaceful. I’ve discovered this way of ease over and over throughout my life. It’s just never easy (or even possible) to force myself to do anything before I am ready. It has to be a willing surrender and I often have to bring myself to the brink of total overwhelm, frustration and despair to find my true surrender and acceptance of what is – my whole perfectly imperfect self and my life with so much beauty at the center and so many messy, rough, unfinished edges.

It’s humbling and it doesn’t feel graceful, strong or powerful while it’s happening, yet it is most certainly is all these things. It takes the most courage, the most patience and the most faith in myself and in everything that is unwaveringly in favor of my life, my forward movement and the momentum of my heart’s expansion. I recognize the unstoppable force – already in motion that is bringing more of myself into the world all the time. Somehow it always happens; the struggle eases, the softening occurs, the surrender unfolds and…so much more. To be continued.

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