Sacred Body Love

I’ve been creating time & space to talk with people about what we love about our bodies. These conversations have lit me up from the inside. The energy is electric, powerfully healing, intimate, and educational.
I’ve noticed that to even get to what we love about our bodies, to even see and feel our sacred bodies, many layers of “other” need to be peeled away. When it’s just us alone with our bodies, it seems there emerges a deep love, awe, acceptance, and familiarity. Communicating from that place makes my heart pound and every cell in my body vibrate with aliveness.
Today I look in the mirror and see all the ways I’ve ignored, pushed down, hidden, and covered up my beauty, my sexuality, and my enjoyment of the pure pleasure my body creates and allows. Underneath it all, my body in all her glory is right here all the time. I realize that I can stop holding back at any moment.
“The fears are paper tigers. ~ Amelia Earhart
Right now my Sacred Body Love Project consists of private conversations. It’s personal and what we share is yours to hold close to your heart or share with others as you feel moved. It’s a seed I’m planting within myself that I want to share. I want to talk about things that are real, true, and seldom acknowledged or revealed.
I trust my pace, my wisdom, and my sacred paradoxical vessel. I’m guided by something I don’t know how to express yet.
There has been so much in the way of me truly loving myself for many years. The beautiful thing is that the love has always been there very strongly, there were just so many layers covering it up. So many versions of trying to be proper, pretty, appropriate, perfect, modest, accepted, desired and many other projections that had me feeling powerless and unlovable. I tended these layers like my life depended on them instead of tending my true, authentic self.
If you’re reading this and you want to create a time and space to have this conversation with me, I invite you to reach out. The only criteria is that you choose yourself. I want the inspiration and desire to connect to come from you. I’ve made this offer it will continue to be available as long as it feels nourishing, enlivening, brave, and authentic to me.
I truly love my body and myself. I need so much help and inspiration living into this love moment to moment, day to day. I want and need to live in a world where we can have these conversations and let this incredible love for ourselves that fuels our life be big.
This is a gift I am creating and giving to myself. My prayer is that the energy of what is created makes powerfully healing waves that reach many.

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