Body Love

Every human has a body that is beautiful, unique, and sacred.
If we could all only see, know, and remember this both inside and outside of ourselves, what a vastly different world we might inhabit.
A newly inspired Sacred Body Love practice for me is to stay connected to the reverence I have for my life as it is afforded me constantly by my miraculous body.
I choose to spend more of my time exploring all that I love about my body and listening to others talk about what they love about their bodies. It’s simple and profound practice. It has already changed me deeply and viscerally.
This is the most positive and impactful thing I can think of to do right now. It’s a way I can both heal myself and offer space for others to heal. It feels abundant and life-giving, like watering seeds of ever-flowering self-love that grow wild and spread easily.
It’s a simple, private conversation. A safe space to talk about your body and what you love about it. Anyone can do this at any time. I’m offering to have a conversation with you if you want to. I want to know all that you love and cherish about your sacred body. Your words of body love are sacred to me. I am grateful for them.
Just make it known that you are interested and ask to find a time to talk. That is my prayer. 💗
This 47-foot tall sculpture in downtown Petaluma captured me tonight. To me, she radiates strength, warmth, peace, openness, receptivity…and much more. She seems maybe a bit lonely waiting for her shorter, curvy sisters to join her…

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