Letter from Love

I recently heard Elizabeth Gilbert speak about the Letters from Love that she writes herself. It made sense to me so I immediately tried it. Turns out that it was so helpful. Just what I needed. I’d say these words to you as well. ♥️

Dear Abby,

You are loved. I love you. The circle of hearts that love you is vast. Please always envision yourself at the center of this circle of hearts loving you.

These beating hearts radiate love strongly as they see you and your own heart responds buoyed and bolstered by the glow of being seen through the eyes of these hearts.

Imagine all that you can do and create when you are this full and resourced by love. This is not a trick or a fantasy, this is your real life connected to the hearts of all who love you.

Beyond that, there is another vast container holding you and your circle of hearts. Beyond this immediate reality, the energy of the Spirit realm offers an unimaginable force field of love for you infinitely expanding in every possible direction.

You simple cannot fathom all of your ancestors who prayed for you and whose love for your life exists. They each became a constant, direct source of divine love for you the moment they dropped their bodies and exploded into spirit.

Here is your miracle. Choose love’s perspective. Try living your life in the glow of ALL that LOVE.

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