I’m exploring what it’s like to be for my own beliefs and not against anyone else’s. It’s challenging not to be against someone that I whole heartedly disagree with, but I don’t need to understand to accept all shades of humanity.

I believe that we need to quickly move forward with major course corrections to better our chances of survival on earth. We need continued political revolution to shift away from deeply entrenched corruption and corporate greed and towards caring more for all our people and our planet. I voted for that revolution yesterday and I will continue to vote for it every chance I get.

I am proud that we may have a woman President. Given the option, I’ll vote for Hillary over Donald any day, but Bernie wins my heart and vote with his clarity, integrity, heart, soul, consistency and dedication, regardless of gender.

I’ll likely always be more liberal and farther to the left politically than most people in the US. That’s what feels right to me…moving forward, change, revolution, equality, transparency, integrity and deep love and respect of ALL people, sentient beings and our planet. I have my opinions and beliefs, and I remain proud of all of us for doing our best in every moment. I trust us to figure it all out together the best we can. Go humans, let’s do it better all the time!

Deep gratitude to the Bernie’s of the world for moving these ideas from the fringe into the mainstream, for dedicating themselves to pushing the envelope and moving the needle in the direction of more healing, more love and more life.

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