Bay Area

I love my home so much and can be very happy and cozy staying inside sometimes for days. I also love leaving my home and getting new perspectives, meeting new people, and taking in the freshness of the natural world. It makes me feel more alive and often even happier to come back home.

I love the Bay Area and feel more multidimensionally connected here than anywhere else. I love the land, the people and the feeling of ease I have in this place I’ve lived most of my life. I also think it’s very healthy, even essential, to get out of the Bay Area regularly. To escape the bubble, to leave the energetic intensity behind and experience miles and miles of open sky, space and mountains in the distance. There is so much space outside the Bay Area. It’s good to remember all that natural openness and freedom. It helps put things in perspective. There are kind, sweet, solid, good hearted people everywhere that you can meet and spend hours talking to about the deepest parts of being alive. Experiences like this make it easier to breath deeply outside of doing yoga.

I can be very happy and peaceful staying in the same place, but I am more alive and vibrant when I expand my horizons. It doesn’t matter much where I go. The destination isn’t the important part. It’s the exploration and experiencing myself anew in unknown settings and spaces. I’m always fascinated by how I chose to show up, what comes out of my mouth and how I feel in my skin. I’m sensitive to my surroundings and I like to be in control a bit too much, but I also thrive on adventure, newness and inspiration.

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