I felt very impatient today with the snails pace of change in our world. I watched two powerful documentaries by Jennifer Siebel NewsomMiss Representation and The Mask You Live In. I feel fired up about so many ISSUES in our culture that contribute to so much pain for so many people. It’s so hard to watch so many of us suffering and struggling.

There are so many things I feel passionately about, so many projects to get involved in, so many movements to help move forward. I feel so impatient about my limitations.

I’m dedicated to being a happy person above all else. That means leading a life that is sustainable for me, others I interact with and the earth. It takes time, self care, and dedication to self healing. I often struggle with the desire to make a bigger impact with my life, but, and I’ve learned this the hard way, not at the expense of my health and wellbeing.

So some days, like today, I feel impatient. I wish I could do more to help those in pain find healing, happiness and love for themselves. I search for inspiration for the best, most effective ways I can reach out and help. I try to stave off the overwhelm of all the things I wish I could take on, fix, make better…

Today I will just do one good thing. I will say some kind words. I will check one thing off my To Do list. I will nourish myself well. I will forgive myself my shortcomings. I will take it easy. I will smile at myself, love all my ambitions and enjoy my life right now.

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