The woman I was a few months ago would not have believed that I would take a workshop called Burlesque from the Inside Out – choreographing and performing a powerful solo piece in a cabaret show in a San Francisco theater! This is the point where Kellita the Showgirl Shaman shimmied her way into my life. I’ve struggled my whole life to feel comfortable, confident and safe in my body and I’ve done a lot of healing work around it.

My intention for the BIO journey was to embody courage, comfort and vulnerability. I did not want to push down my feelings, pop out of myself and pretend everything was okay. I wanted to stay in my body, have all my feelings, do it for real and get ALL the healing. Along the way I was helped and held by Kellita and my magical Showgirl sisters. I was able to break through fears, anxiety and self imposed limitations. I ended up performing my heart out, loving every minute of it and birthing my inner showgirl with so much joy and power! It was pure magic.

Showgirl Awakening is NOT about being sexy for someone else’s pleasure. It’s NOT about learning dances moves or performing perfectly. It IS about unleashing our creative feminine power through expressions that shake off the shame & wake up our hearts, excavating and owning the primal pleasure in loving our bodies, minds and spirits in all their unique perfection right now, just as they are. It turns out to be damn sexy in the most real, empowering way.

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