Wolf Medicine

Exploring wolf medicine in my life… How can I be aligned with wolf energy and allow my inner wolf to emerge?

I have a fierceness deep within. It’s mostly dormant, existing in the background of my life. When someone or something activates my fierceness, the energy is like lightning shooting through my body.

I resonate with Wolf Medicine which does everything to maintain peace but will become fierce when necessary. These moments where the fierce energy courses through me are when someone hurts someone I love or when someone hurts me in a sudden, shocking way. I immediately become fueled to protect the people I love and also protect my heart when I feel threatened. In my life, there aren’t so many of these moments, but then they happen it always shocks me. The energy of this shift helps me understand the idea of shape-shifting.

I am community-oriented. I like to be a respected and valued member of the community. I’m also a loner. I spend a lot of time by myself and both value and respect my sacred time with myself. I pray for more community, an intimate relationship, and to feel more connected, held, and secure.

I honor my sacred self, my time alone, as well as my relationships and maintaining balance in my life. I am going to allow myself to be guided by my inner wolf a bit more. Instead of being scared or afraid of my fierceness, can I tap into it and use that energy to inject more spunk & sass into my life in an authentic way.

Clarity – see who I truly am, do what my most authentic self would do, think and say.

Connection – connect to people from a real place instead of a place of over-effort, trying to impress or trying to control.

Creativity – allow ideas to flow through me, be open to the potential and what’s possible, and access the imaginal realm where the magic happens.

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