I was thinking a little too hard about what made me happy today. I don’t feel the need to force happiness if it’s not there, that’s not happy.

It makes me feel good that people check in with me regularly and tell me about their lives. I love that. I’m into the tiniest details and love listening to all the things going on in the lives of my friends.

The ways we communicate can be so weird though, but I’m down. I’ll download whatever app and take videos or whatever people want to do. I do miss the face-to-face connection, not through a computer/phone screen.

I’m always happy about the fun banter I have with Alex, the owner at PetPro San Rafael. She always wants to know everything my cats are doing and see my latest photos. She asks, I swear I’m not trying to show her photos unsolicited. It takes 30-40 minutes to buy cat food, but the chats we have are priceless.

I’m happy to care about and be interested in the details of people’s lives. It matters so much that they want to share specifically with me. I usually have time and space to receive these things because my life is pretty spacious. I like it that way, leaving gaps of time that I don’t know and can’t imagine how they will be filled.

This month has felt so quiet. I’ve been much less social than usual. I’ve been kicking ass with my work and finding joy in communicating with my clients and completing projects.
I was thinking today that people pay me to understand and make sense of their businesses and offerings so that I can communicate it visually in a way that’s hopefully simple, accessible, and clear.

I still don’t really know how I do it, but it always happens because I trust that it will. I immerse myself so deeply into the details to understand and see how all the moving parts work together.

Sometimes I create solutions and set them up and teach people how to use them. Some days my brain hurts from all the concentration, the figuring out, and the explaining, but the part I like best is the feeling when things are complete and clear.

My love of details and my passion for simplicity are so me. I like that about myself. That makes me authentically happy. However I got here today, it was worth the journey.

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