Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

This Silver Dollar Eucalyptus tree grows just outside my back gate. Each summer someone cuts it down in the name of fire safety and defensible space.

No matter how valid the reason, I feel the loss deeply each time. It feels so wrong to me to unceremoniously cut down a healthy, thriving tree, grind it up and leave. The tree cutters leave their garbage, tracks from their huge trucks, and the land scattered with remnants. They are just doing their job at the mandate of the fire department.

We do this in protection of our homes near potentially vulnerable open space. We cut down the trees, grass, and brush nearby in attempts to save our homes from potential fires which are a seasonal reality due to climate change, corporate greed, unethical, toxic business practices, unsustainable values, environmental exploitation, and municipal neglect.

To my delight, the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus always starts growing back right away. I’ve come to love witnessing this cycle. I feel so much love for each expression emerging from the roots. The leaves are so smooth, fragrant, perfect and beautiful. The colors are so rich. The music this tree creates in the wind is so soothing. Everything in the presence of this tree feels like love, hope, and resilience. There are strong and resourced roots going way down below. This tree is about growing, whatever stage that might be.

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