Some notes from the mushrooms… The help that I asked for.

… The world, your brain, your body, your awareness, and your consciousness are all much bigger and more expansive than you can grasp.

… There are infinitely more possibilities, worlds of experience, and wisdoms available to you in every moment. Just ask for help.

Within deep silence and peace, there is space for every kind of outcome and reality to become okay and return to a place of original being.

… Empty the details of the day, wash away the interactions, let go of the misattunements, and release moments of unreproducible.

perfection, and all the things you will later cry about or cling to for reassurance. We can get so caught on them and stuck analyzing, regurgitating, congratulating, and proselytizing. Those things are not what matter most.

… This voice is everything. Please listen.

“Do not be afraid. You are not alone. You have what you need. It’s going to be okay. Keep going.”

… The process of life, the medicine in motion, is either breaking down to repair or repairing to break down. It’s always happening. Inhaling to receive, exhaling to release. It’s a muscle, a flowing, an allowing, a contraction, and a conjoining.

… The breakdown and the repair are what is real. The perfection is in the realness and the embrace of it all. The perfection is in the surrendering of trying.

… The unchecked disruptive thoughts, the spirals up and down, they can spend a lifetime spreading out and rooting themselves into our awareness. The energetic pull to align with them is very powerful and seductive. The medicine, whatever power you recognize as being greater than yourself, helps you see way beyond those thoughts.

… The medicines carry the knowledge for us when we are unable to remember. Listen. Ask for help to remember.

… There is always a larger container holding you and available to remind you of the truth of who you are and what you are capable of.

… Ask for help. The plants, the medicine, cannot help if we do not ask. They do not codepend us. They aren’t like that. They don’t presume to know what we need until we ask, and until we recognize the reciprocity of relationship.

… Acknowledge every living thing in nature and ask to be in relationship with all that wishes you well. It is a constant recognition of our integral place in the web.

I find so much healing in this expansion. I forget and remember, forget and remember, forget and remember…

I always do the best I can. It’s never enough. I am in perfect alignment with the life I am in the middle of.

I pray to stay in a state where I am helpable, where I remember to ask for help and am humble enough to receive it.

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