Here’s my happiness about being 46.

I love the way I’m aging. I love that I get to have more gray hairs, more vibrant flesh, more awareness of my humanity, and more agency and wisdom to live in my sovereignty.

I love myself more all the time and that offers me even more love and peace for others and for the world around me. I love being kinder and more gentle with my body, my heart, and everyone else. I love the wisdom in slowing down and drinking in the beauty of every moment.

I have so much gratitude for every person in my life who has a kind thought for me. I am humbled, inspired, awed, and warmed by the incredible people I meet and share my life with. The super bloom of blessings in my life is almost overwhelming and I love expanding myself to accept and rejoice in the abundance.

I cherish each moment, each heart, each kindness, each expression of love. It’s everything to me. I’m endlessly grateful.

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