I’m thinking about my friend and client, Rivka Wendy Faith.

She’s gone. Ending her life was her final decision. I honor her and I will miss her. She was always so warm and kind to me when I saw her. She’d come over to my house to work on her website and bring me tea, treats and stories of all her travels. She adored my cat so much and called him her “feline boyfriend.” We attended ceremonies together and I received several bodywork treatments from her over the years. She was such a talented, heartfelt, sweet, vulnerable soul.

In February of this year I shared with her about my depression and we talked about it for several hours. I helped her with technical website things and she helped me with her free spirit and her faith that things would all work out. We weren’t close friends, but I dearly appreciated her and will miss her deeply. Thinking about her presence, energy and character makes me smile. She had such a great love for children, yoga, dance and healing. I don’t think I ever expressed my appreciation of her to her. I wish I had. I think Rivka means connection and joining. I pray that she finds that connection wherever she is. Bless your life, bless your death, and bless whatever happens next, my friend.

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