Standing still with the Sun to honor the Solstice. Watching the Sun dance with the water, wind, trees, tides, and shining deeply through the clear, blue sky.

I find witnessing moments like this so romantic. It’s the romance between nature and me. Sometimes I cry because it is so beautiful and I have only tears, no words, to honor the moment.

All who are drawn to watching sunsets and sunrises likely know. We want to share it, but sometimes it’s just shared within ourselves. A private place where perfect moments are kept in an attempt to soothe the longing for more.

In such a long day there is so much time to take care and provide myself with whatever it is that brings me joy, peace, and wonder. There is room for boredom, loneliness, hard truths, and not knowing what will happen. There is time to be contemplative, time to go to Costco, time to arrange flowers, and time to honor the sun.

I’m grateful for my ability to feel every little thing. I take nothing for granted. In moments like this, I become aware of what truly matters to me and I feel connected and held by that truth. I offer myself that which I seek.

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