I’m proud of the *Brawny Explorers! We were brave, kind and compassionate as we gave out the care packages they put together for folks living on the streets of San Francisco. In 1 hour, we walked around 1 city block and met more than 16 homeless men and women. Witnessing true gratitude (and some relief) in another face is beautiful, emotional and humbling. We know what we have to offer is small in the face of such a deep level of need, yet we offer what we have anyway, because it makes a difference.

It feels empowering to have something thoughtful/intentional to give away when encountering those who have very little. It’s a much different (better) feeling than awkwardly averting my eyes or apologetically shaking my head or pretending I don’t see or that it doesn’t break my heart to see people suffering openly and visibly. It’s a great lesson for kids and adults to learn, re-learn and remember. We can’t help everyone all the time, but we can make a difference by helping one person at a time, by seeing and acknowledging people, by taking a little time to talk to them, and by receiving their gratitude and wisdom.

Here’s a list of some helpful things to buy for folks living outside if you are thinking about creating and distributing some kits like these. Here’s the link.

*The Brawny Explorers are a rogue Brownie troop. We spent a year with the Girl Scouts, but decided to break away from their corporate red tape and have the freedom to focus on things that feel more helpful and authentically in support of empowering their young, female lives.

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