Co-Conspirator’s Lounge

Recently I had a lot of feelings about being recruited, evangelized or pressured into things in a sales-y way.

I’ve been reflecting on those feelings and looking for ways that I behave in the same way as those I condemned. I see that there’s a difference between an organization that pressures/requires you to get your friends to join in an exploitative way and sharing something that you find to be valuable/helpful with your community. I see there can be a fine line at the center of those two things. I know I have had/been given motives to cross to the other side before or felt invested in the outcome before – it feels a certain way. I’ve also recommended lots of people to other people/services and been a prolific referrer and connector.

I only recommend or refer people and services that I believe in 100%, have thoroughly vetted, experienced personally and trust. I’m picky about making referrals and promoting things, when I do it’s because I really respect and believe in the person, business or service. I don’t want to pressure anyone to do anything, but I do believe in what I am doing and want to share.

For the last month I’ve been in the Check Your Privilege: Co-Conspirators Lounge with Myisha Hill & several other wonderful women. Myisha provides monthly, weekly and daily prompts/discussions, as well a live chats, book club conversations, and videos to support and deepen my anti-racism work.

Doing this work is important to me, though it’s certainly not always easy.

My commitment to this Lounge holds me accountable and keeps my focus on looking at my own racism, sitting with my discomfort around race, making a habit of looking for my privilege and identifying ways I can use my privilege to inspire change, open minds and hearts, and find my place and purpose as a co-conspirator.
I highly recommend the Check Your Privilege: Co-Conspirators Lounge for my women friends. It is a valuable resource and I honor Myisha for creating, evolving and inspiring this community.

Here’s a link to join the Lounge. There is a monthly fee that supports Myisha’s time and energy holding space for the Lounge. I find it to be a monthly investment that feels really good.

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