I have so much gratitude and love for each person that ever made a prayer for equality, attended a protest or marched in support of LGBT rights, stood up for themselves or someone they love against hateful speech, action and ignorance, asked a question about something from a humble place of wanting to understand, kept their heart open and allowed themselves to be softened by love.

I’m so thankful for anyone that ever took a step away from their judgement, hate, anger and prejudice and became willing to consider and accept a deeper, more inclusive definition of love, relationship, marriage and human connection.

Thank you to each person that took the courage to be themselves and follow their heart in love and self-expression in the face of perilous consequences and every person who chose to be vulnerable and reveal the truth of their heart. I bow in gratitude to you. Thank you for taking the risk, voting for love and may we all be inspired to do the same everyday forever.

Our thoughts, prayers and actions in support of love, freedom and equality ALWAYS matter. There is NEVER an occasion to give up on or lose faith in love or think that our actions and words do not matter. It always matters. My faith in love is buoyed today. Thank you.

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