Spirit of the Forest

Walking slowly. Stopping often to listen and observe. Noticing the millions of details of these woods, trees, leaves and earth – each in their fluctuating states of growth and decay.
I come here to transform myself, to let the natural world impress itself on me and not the other way around.
I come here to breathe more deeply, slow my thoughts and expectations, and learn about life from beings that are much more in tune and intelligent than I.
Every season has wisdom and beauty. This time I see once solid trunks and branches becoming softer with moisture and life that creates decay and breakdown.
Chilly breeze, fresh oxygen-infused air, quiet rustling sounds of forest life, I wonder how I can be here in a way that is honoring of the sacred order of this natural place. It’s an endlessly evolving gift that I am deeply grateful for.
I remember a name once given to me, Gentle Secret Whisperer. It’s good to remember all my parts. This place allows me to remember all that I know and have known over time.
Aho to remembering and receiving help from the spirits of the forest and glimpses of wisdom from my past selves.

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