Cosmic Rebel

Astrology, Tarot & Art with Katie Evans, Allyson Seal & several other lovely ladies tonight was fruitful & inspiring. I learned more about my chart, got an auspicious reading about my superpowers & future, & I created 3 body maps: Body, Mind & Spirit.

I believe in the possibility of magical time. Time seems to have different qualities at different times of year, with different people, in nature, when I’m alone, as well as my sense of how time passed in the past or how it may pass in the future. Time also exists in the collective consciousness beyond personal identity.

In the past, I would spend time wondering what was going to happen. What amazing person would I meet? What magical thing was going to happen to me? What luck would I stumble upon? Now I’m seeing the future in front of me like this. What amazing parts of me are about to emerge? What magic am I about to create with my mind or my hands? What fortune will I bring to my life to share with others?

I’m considering the ideas of cosmic rebellion & sacred non-compliance. I feel these urges inside me most of the time though I’m not sure I often allow my rebelliousness to be fully expressed. I don’t like to be expected to comply, I don’t like rules, & I don’t like to be told what to do. I do love structure, understanding boundaries & expectations. I love to offer myself, my time & talents when I am feeling it & on my own terms.

Sometimes I look at my life & wonder why I’ve taken so many paths less traveled, but the closer & deeper I look, I can see that it’s all by design. I’ve created exactly what my cosmic rebel self wanted to create. I’m not afraid to blow it all up & create something else either.

I’m not so afraid of depths, darkness or the unknown anymore. I trust my instincts to know when to take a leap of faith, dive in the deep end, & find my uniqueness & power in any given circumstance. There’s a whole inner landscape that has rarely had a chance to be expressed or even acknowledged. It’s my own medicine I’ve been harvesting for a long time to heal myself with & I understand what to do with it only when I can listen to the part of me that is tuned in to higher guidance.

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