WUNJO - The Rune of Joy

Years ago I bought The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum. It's a handbook for the Spiritual Warrior and the rune stones are an oracle providing a mirror and a little magic for knowing yourself deeply. I've consulted these runes many times over the years and value the way they consistently bring my focus directly to the heart of the matter. Wunjo (joy) is a rune that repeatedly appears for me - an inner urge to follow my joy always. It's a good way for me.

Writing is something that brings me peace, joy and exhilaration to share my inner world. Writing helps me make sense of myself and my world. I started writing for myself in high school. Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way introduced me to Morning pages and they have been my friend for years.


It’s my sister¬†Amanda’s birthday today! She’ll always be 5 years older than me, taller than me, thinner than me, more handy at fixing things, more mechanical, a better driver, a better cowgirl, a little more rowdy and a lot more calm and helpful in a crisis. She’ll most likely always have more amazing boots and…